Ethiopian church forests confirm Pope Francis's environmental encyclical

Surrounding the churches of Ethiopia are millenium-old forests that preserve biodiversity and a human connection to the natural world.

Archaeologists discover Jamestown relics that may re-write U.S. history

Secret Catholics discovered among Protestant settlers buried at Jamestown, Virginia.

Republican William Hayward: Commanding Officer of the Harlem Hellfighters

How, and why, did a 39 year old white lawyer from Nebraska come to recruit, organize, and command an all-black military unit from Harlem?

Questions for Trump about top advisor Roger Stone

Voters need to know about the relationship between Donald Trump and Roger Stone: a veteran Republican operative and founder of Republicans for Choice.

Radical community activist targets home of Texas trooper involved in Sandra Bland case

Quanell X, who has been associated with the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party, led protesters outside the home of Trooper Brian Encinia.

Democrat Sen. Charles Schumer still not ready to oppose Iran

Approximately 10,000 protesters filled Times Square in New York City in opposition to President Obama's 'bad deal' with Iran. But they were not enough for Democrat Charles Schumer.