Spanish abortion clinics dump patients' personal information

Investigators in several Spanish provinces found personal information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and identity numbers for women who had had abortions. Spanish authorities are suspected of complicity.

Putin in a dangerous cash/debt spiral

Crisis compared to the collapse of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s after the Saudis' decision to quadruple oil production in the second half of 1985.

Reporter focuses on Obama's hypocrisy on CIA torture

Obama's armed drones are killing thousands of civilians.

North Korea: 'They torture the Christian the most'

A new report by the House of Lords details torture and persecution of Christians in North Korea's concentration camps.

CNN and its really gay Santa Claus

Just in time for the feast of Saint Nicholas!

Book review: My Battle Against Hitler

Dietrich von Hildebrand's memoir of his life of heroic consistency of belief and action in Germany in the midst of the Holocaust.

Author Edwin Black lectures on Iranian nuclear threat and global oil addiction

The author of bestsellers such as 'War Against the Weak' and 'IBM and the Holocaust' has today revealed the design of Iran's feared nuclear weapons system.