Sky Europe to link Bulgaria to 11 European cities

world | Sep 25, 2007 | By BIRN 

Low-cost airline Sky Europe is to launch new direct flights from Bulgaria to 11 European capitals and major cities in October 2007, the airline’s commercial director, Karim Maklouf, said on Monday.

The company will operate daily flights to Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Innsbruck and Warsaw. 

It will fly four times a week to Krakow and Athens; three times to Thessaloniki, Venice and Nice; and twice to Vienna, according to Focus news agency. 

Ticket prices on the new routes start at €27. 

Sky Europe will have special deals for regular travellers, which will allow last-minute changes to reservations or to the names of passengers. 

The budget airline carried nearly 50,000 passengers to and from Bulgaria in 2006. 

Maklouf said that Bulgaria was a key market for his company. 

Currently, Sky Europe has 14 Boeing 737–700 NG planes which are at most nine months old.
It plans to expand its fleet to 32 planes by 2011.



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