Book review: The Rite of Sodomy

world | Nov 15, 2007 | By George Kocan

TV cameras recently caught the Archbishop of San Francisco giving Holy Communion to men dressed up like what can best be described as blasphemous clowns.  They wore heavy make-up to hide their sex and costumes to make them look like nuns.  No one could miss the fact that homosexuals staged this hateful stunt to mock the Catholic Church. 

Yet, Archbishop George Niederauer dutifully presented the sacred hosts as if nothing was wrong.  Later on, he apologized, pleading ignorance.  We are to believe that after living for two years in San Francisco, Niederauer does not know who or what the self-styled “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” are. Naturally, intelligent Catholics and other observers of the culture wars are mystified.  They just do not understand. . .

However, Catholics do exist who understand and would be more than willing to clarify the issue.  Steven Brady understands.  An owner of a pizza delivery service, Brady devoted nearly all of his spare time to exposing the predatory homosexuality of his prelate, the Bishop of Springfield, Il, Dan Ryan.  Ryan became notorious for cruising for teenaged boys and even trying to force himself on his priests.  As of this writing, Brady is recovering from severe injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident.

Fr. Alfred Kunz understood.  He helped blow the whistle on Ryan by collecting Brady’s information and contacting the right people in the Vatican to take action.  Police found his body in his rectory in a Wisconsin parish, dead of multiple stab wounds.  Fr. John Hardon, one of the top Jesuit theologians in the country, understood.  Also having good contacts, he and Fr. Kunz planned on going to Rome together to persuade the Vatican to do something. Presumably, Fr. Hardon died of natural causes.  He was in his 80’s.  The Vatican eventually removed Ryan from his position.  Yet, he still enjoys all the perks of a priest and bishop in good standing with the Church.

Fr. Charles Fiore, a Dominican priest, understood.  Once a leader in the pro-life movement in Illinois, until he ran into problems with Chicago’s Archbishop, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, he moved to Wisconsin.  Fr. Fiore embarked on a crusade to rid the Church of homosexuals, especially those in the Chicago area.  Fr. Fiore apparently died from a fall off a ladder at his home.

Malachi Martin, a former Jesuit, understood.   A prolific author of books and novels describing the corruption both in the Jesuit order and the Catholic Church, took a special interest in the Kunz murder.   Martin also wrote a 700 page book, “Windswept House,” which told the story of an occult, Satanic conspiracy of pederast priests led by the Archbishop of Century City, a veiled reference to Cardinal Bernardin.  I heard Martin discuss his book with Milt Rosenberg, a radio talk show host on WGN.  He admitted that his novel centered on Bernardin but explained that he did not make that explicit in the story because he did not want to have his “kneecaps blown off.”  Martin died from an accident in his home.

Francis Pellegrini, an organist and choirmaster in a Chicago parish, understood.  In May, 1984, police his found the body of Francis Pellegrini on the property of his parish.  The unknown assailant(s) bound his hands with barbed wire and stabbed him more than 20 times.  Police surmised that either a woman or a homosexual committed the crime.  Pelligrini’s girlfriend said that he planned on exposing a sex-ring of priests known as “The Boys’ Club.”  Pellegrini expressed the desire to leave the club, which practiced occult rituals as well as sodomy with boys. 

Andrew Greeley, pundit, apologist for the Democrat Party, author of “steamy” novels and a Catholic priest, understands.  He described such a club in one of his autobiographica



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