Muslim newspaper endorses Ron Paul in Michigan

religion | Jan 15, 2008 | By Martin Barillas

The Muslim Observer, a newspaper based in Michigan, came down on the side of the presidential candidacy of Republican Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. "The Muslim community in Michigan has a unique opportunity to beat the pundits by voting as a block for Ron Paul as the Republican candidate".

The newspaper added "Ron Paul meets the Muslim community's major concern about War in Iraq - an issue that every media outlet has ignored in the primary political campaign in Michigan. To the Muslim community, it is the source of major problems in America - security, jobs, education, healthcare, etc.; and the world peace. The Republican candidate who voted NO against War in Iraq, is against the Patriot Act and is in favor of bringing the troops back home - deserves our full support in the Michigan Primary".

The Democratic primary in Michigan allows voters to choose only Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, while the Republican primary allows voters to choose from a variety of candidates, including Congressman Paul, Governor Mitt Romney, Governor Mike Huckabee, and Senator John McCain.

The Muslim Observer opined to its readers, "The Muslim community must very honestly understand that the system of governance in this country follows in the same general direction, irrespective of who is in leadership. With Democrats, the paths may be less treacherous than if the Republicans are in power, but are leading in the same direction! Unless the system gets an overhaul, there will be very little change in the way whole system operates in this country".

Urging its Muslim readers to get out and vote in Michigan's January 15th primary, The Muslim Observer said "The Muslim community's failure to recognize the importance of primary elections and their vital role in the overall elections process will mean that this year, as usual, a small minority of voters will make decisions for everyone else and the outcome most likely will not be pleasant for the American Muslims. Let's beat the odds, let's vote."



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