Bunk to Ralph Nader's critics!

politics | Feb 28, 2008 | By Michael Westfall

Ralph Nader is one of the few people ever born in America who deserves to wear the badge of “Great American”.

His courageous life as a political activist, humanitarian, environmentalist and America’s consumer rights advocate is legendary.

Ralph has run for President of the United States four times and announced on NBC’s Meet The Press Sunday, February 24 that he was running as a third party presidential candidate in 2008. He cited that because of the protracted Iraq War, the wobbly economy, taxes, powerful lobbyists and other key issues that Americans are disenchanted with both the Republican and Democratic parties and need another voice.

Who can deny that we are over-taxed, and that there are special parasitical interests on both sides of the political isle that have been influencing our government in negative ways for much too long?

Instantaneously, when Ralph declared his candidacy, the liberal magpie talking heads came out of the woodwork calling him demeaning names such as a buffoon and a crackpot. Democratic sympathizers especially detest Ralph.

They call him an election spoiler and claim that his entry into the 2000 presidential election cost Al Gore the election by taking votes in the close Florida race.

What they are really saying is that they want to control the American elections, only want their chosen candidates to run, want to limit voters’ choices and they blame their party failures on Nader. They call themselves Democrats, but this is not democracy. It is sour grapes.

Nader is profoundly different from the other candidates because he is not a career politician. Nader’s calling has been special in that rather than merely spending a political career jawboning for votes, he has actually spent a lifetime of selflessly working on hundreds of causes by identifying critical issues, rallying the people around those serious issues to find solutions and actually doing what was necessary to correct the problems.

Ralph’s politically biased critics are expert at using the eager sensationalist press as their alter ego to broadcast their false, exaggerated and twisted remarks to slander him through personal attacks.

They have never put the cause above themselves or reached out to the public for any reason other then for politically prostituting themselves by character assassinating one of the most respected people in the world. Unlike Nader, they have never held a demonstration, never conducted a community rally, never spoken to Congress and never taken on big business because of big businesses’' inhumane or anti-American practices.

What similar contributions have Nader'’s critics made to America? None! They have zero credentials.

Unlike his detractors, Ralph donates nearly all of his income, other than a modest $25,000 per year, to approximately 50 non-profit vibrant organizations that he has founded which are totally dedicated to helping the American public.

Many of us are old enough to remember when safety was secondary, and cars had a multitude of safety problems. Ralph’'s work has resulted in the creation of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act, which created the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 1966. This led to a series of auto safety features beginning with safer windshields, seat belts, air bags, etc. Because of Ralph Nader, our families are much safer.

Ralph spearheaded the investigation of government corruption in 1971. Public Citizen, which he founded, has over 140,000 members and does investigations on Congressional, health, environmental, economic and other issues. Ralph has been the people’'s watchdog as he led countless fights against corporate greed and Pentagon waste.

His vital work has covered issues including dangerous chemicals, and it has also covered excessive tax reb



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