Washington DC vs. God

religion | Mar 15, 2008 | By Michael Westfall

America, the once Christian-principled light of the world, is losing its prominence because of its appalling top political leadership, who are failing the Bible test.

The outlook for a return to our once enviable thriving society, with godly traditional values, shows few signs of reoccurring. Many of these politicians are leading the nation further down the seedy and slippery slope to immorality and economic failure.

In the big picture, Americans have been overtaxed, seen their nation’s prosperity wasted away and witnessed the middle class employment opportunities of our next generation of workers shipped off shore due to these politicians’ pacts and deals. Some of the nations they have relinquished our jobs to despise us and have godless ideologies.

At a terrible cost to American workers in places like the cities of Flint, Lansing, Detroit, Saginaw in Michigan and countless other manufacturing communities dotted across America, our politicians’ foreign cooperative chump deals have empowered competing nations with a new and undeserved prominence at American workers’ expense.

As America staggers backwards, these competitors are replacing our world eminence by becoming the new world order.

Most importantly, America’s political leaders have ignored or redefined for political purposes the strong Christian values that America is based upon. These politicians spend an inordinate amount of time and expense running for office.

Many are career politicians who profess to be pro-family Christians at election time as they cater to Washington’s multi-national lobbyists and support immoral, ungodly and anti-family issues like abortion and homosexuality.

Under the very noses of our politicians, pornography in every form has seeped into our culture. Our nation has become an open cesspool for perversion. It is in the movies, on the radio and comes into our homes through televisions and computers.

Each day our children are being confronted with profane rubbish they should never see, because of the moral failures of our blindsided political leaders. They are supposed to be our watchdogs, but instead they fail the Bible test.

We have all heard the presidential candidates debate the central issues ranging from the Iraq War, the economy, immigration, Homeland Security, universal health care, education and energy.

We have also heard them explain in a very careful way their positions on faith and the moral issues like abortion and same-sex marriage.

Voters must take a closer look at the rhetoric, stands and career records of the candidates relative to faith and especially observe the candidates’ positions on such pinnacle faith issues.

Considering and comparing their talk with their walk will go a long way in understanding their truthfulness, and if they would truly be the president that Christians would want leading our nation going forward.


All life belongs to God including the unborn. Scripture describes the fetus in the womb as a person.

God’s word speaks in depth on abortion including in Jeremiah 1:5 which says that "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born I set you apart."

Abortion is the gruesome practice of murdering our nation’s most defenseless unborn citizens. It is leaving a growing bloodstain on our nation.

Abortionists are not paid to deliver a living-breathing infant, but rather to terminate the life of an innocent pre-born child. They are allowed to do this in America by law.

These pre-born aborted Americans are torn limb from limb, burned beyond recognition with painful saline solutions and then ground up in garbage disposals like a piece of wa



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