Democratic bloggers claim Palin faked pregnancy

politics | Aug 31, 2008 | By Clinton Gillespie

Progressive Democrats are speculating that Sarah Palin's four-month old son is really not hers. Democrats believe that Palin's 16 year-old daughter is the true mother of the boy.

Sarah Palin shot from obscurity when John McCain selected the 44 year-old governor of Alaska to be his running-mate last Friday.

Fueling the speculation was that the birth of the Down Syndrome baby, born April 18, 2008, was a surprise and even her staff were unaware she was pregnant until seven months into the pregnancy. Additionally, Palin's water broke one month before the baby was due yet she kept a speaking engagement in Texas then made the eight-hour flight to Alaska. Three days after the birth of Trig, Palin returned to work as Governor.

Democratic bloggers are pointing to a video (located at the end of this article) by Palin where she discusses motherhood in March 2008, weeks before her delivery but doesn't mention her pregnancy.

Searching for a narrative

Left-wing bloggers are smarting from their hero, John Edwards, who was caught by the media cheating on his wife who has cancer. They want the media to start asking Palin if she thinks she can be Vice President and the mother of five children, especially now that she has one with special needs.

Hornrimsylvia, who blogs on the Progressive Democratic site "Daily Kos", believes the video shows that Palin's pregnancy was faked. "I have never seen a woman with an eight-month pregnancy be able to cross her legs and vigorously sit forward like that. Their backs are usually curved so far back that they need a pillow for lumbar support."

But leftist blogger, Chrswlf, wants Democrats to push the narrative that Palin harmed her daughter by flying late in her pregnancy for a political speech in Texas. "[W]hich would you rather push: a story based on her explanations or one based on speculation...?"

Cory Bantic agrees with the narrative that Palin put her career first with little regard for her family. "Putting a near-term baby at risk to give a speech is pretty unforgivable in my book," Bantic said. AustinCynic also believes Palin put her son's life at risk. "If that is true then it proves beyond doubt that Sarah Palin is a woman of catastrophically poor judgement"

Abortion Rights

A middle-aged woman who has a political career and made the decision to have a baby with Down Syndrome is difficult for many Democrats to accept and invites speculation.

Adept2u wants all bloggers to examine Palin more carefully. "It says different things to me if she faked her own pregnancy," Adept wrote, "One, she will institute a Christian Taliban here in America where women must be ashamed to be pregnant, yet forced to be pregnant at the same time. I have a 22 year-old daughter, no thank you to that. It also proves that she is a liar on the most basic human issues. She is accepting praise because at 44 she brought her baby to term, and looked just fabulous doing it. I'm not looking forward to leaping from 2008 to 1953, so if this is at all possible I want to hear about it."

GirlZero wrote, "Just what we need. Another Pro-Life Rethug who puts politics before their family's welfare and well-being. Nauseating." Tash123 wondered what shame Palin is trying to shield the true mother of the baby. "What is Palin ashamed of? Her daughter for getting pregnant? What does this say about her to her children and voters as far as owning up to their responsibilities? That is telling. Just saying."

TeresaHill believes Palin's decision to either cover up for her daughter or give birth to a baby with Down Syndrome "will damage the lives of millions of teens and women by continuing to fight for that 'no birth control', 'no abortions



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