Pope: respect for religious freedom is "fruitful" in Mongolia

religion | May 20, 2010 | By Asia News

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - The pope "appreciates" the attitude of Mongolia to freedom of religion, an instrument for cooperation between peoples and cultures and ensures that the small Catholic community has the will to cooperate for the country's growth, while still engaged in fields such as education. The presentation of credentials of the new Mongolian ambassador, Luvsantseren Orgil, was a chance for Benedict XVI to return to the Vaticanís positive view of the conduct of the government of Ulan Bator.

While expressing sympathy and concern for those who have suffered a particularly harsh winter, the Pope then returned to argue that "ecological issues, particularly those related to climate change is a global problem that must be tackled globally.

Benedict XVI recalled that the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and the Holy See, followed the nationís transition to the democratic system, 20 years ago; ďa sign of your nationís commitment to an enriching interchange within the wider international community. Religion and culture, as interrelated expressions of the deepest spiritual aspirations of our common humanity, naturally serve as incentives for dialogue and cooperation between peoples in the service of peace and genuine development". " The establishment of a commission, charged with the fair application of law and with protecting the rights of conscience and free exercise of religion, stands as a recognition of the importance of religious groups within the social fabric and their potential for promoting a future of harmony and prosperity."

"The Churchís primary mission - the Pope concluded - is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In fidelity to the liberating message of the Gospel, she seeks also to contribute to the advancement of the entire community. It is this that inspires the efforts of the Catholic community to cooperate with the Government and with people of good will by working to overcome all kinds of social problems. The Church is also concerned to play her proper part in the work of intellectual and human formation, above all by educating the young in the values of respect, solidarity and concern for the less fortunate." †


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Source: Asia News

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