Cardinal Newman Society seeks funds to preserve legacy of John Henry Newman

religion | Sep 21, 2010 | By Martin Barillas

The Cardinal Newman Society, a nonprofit based in Virginia which seeks to preserve and disseminate the legacy of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, has launched its Newman Legacy Project (NLP) with a particular emphasis on education and the unity of faith and reason. The project has been endorsed by various bishops and priests, including the Vatican's Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.

The project is intended to fund the building of an archive and  preservation of the papers and manuscripts of Cardinal Newman at the Birmingham Oratory, as well as the many books and antiquarian treasures that Newman collected from ruined monasteries and convents of revolution-era France.

According to Archbishop Raymond Burke, formerly of St. Louis MO and now the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, "The Newman Legacy Project will help, in an essential way, to bring the fruits of the heroic holiness of life of the Venerable Cardinal to as many of the faithful as possible, and also to non-believers who sincerely seek to know the truth and live accordingly..."

"Because of the importance of Cardinal Newman, of his life and his writings, the Birmingham Oratory, which he founded and which was his home in the last period of his life, is rightly dedicating itself to creating a fitting archive of his numerous writings, including his correspondence, and of important books and other objects used by him. Clearly, the creation of the Archive requires the generous support of many. I thank The Cardinal Newman Society for its work to garner imporant funds for the Archive." 




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