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world | Jul 07, 2006 | By Martin Barillas

I received the following email this week from St. Paul, where the many admirers and spiritual children of Father Robert Altier continue to praise him for his obedience. His bishop recently ordered that he stop recording his homilies for distribution, while he also moved Fr. Altier from a parish to a hosptial chaplaincy. Many parishioners and bloggers have wondered whether this had been precipitated by Fr. Altier's opposition to his diocese use of sex education materials that he found troublesome.


To all the wonderful friends and supporters of Father Robert Altier,

Praised be Jesus Christ!

We have some good news for both local and long distance friends:

Fr. Altier will be filling in for Fr. Echert at St. Augustines parish in South St. Paul where he will pray one Mass every week on Sunday. The schedule for July is as follows:

July 9 at 11:30 am (Tridentine Mass)
July 16 at 7 am
July 23 at 7 am
July 30 at 11:30 am (Tridentine Mass)

Address: St. Augustine Church, 249 5th Avenue North, South Saint Paul, Minnesota

The regular Mass schedule at the Regina Nursing Home (where Fr. Altier is currently assigned, ed. note) is:

Monday - Saturday at 9 am

Sunday at 10 am

Confessions beginning at 3 pm on Saturdays

Address: 1175 Nininger Road, Hastings, MN

Many of you have asked if recordings are available of Father Altiers talks, and so wed like to pass along some information about how to get copies of these. DesertVoice is not affiliated with the following media organizations and

Fr. Altier does not receive any money from sales. We are only providing this information as a service to you until the DesertVoice website can be fully operational once again, providing his inspiring words to you free of charge.

1. Father Altier's famous catechism series, "Fundamentals of Catholicism", is available through AVE Media, Inc. Here's a copy of their ad:

"Fr. Robert Altier is famous for his homilies and talks on the Catholic Faith. AVE Media, Inc., now presents his "Fundamentals of Catholicism" series live on video before an audience at St. Agnes Church, St. Paul, MN. Father Altier's 12-week course, with 23 solid lessons in the Catholic Faith is available in the following formats:

12 DVD set - $78
12 VHS tape set - $88
23 Audio CDs - $88

Wise. Entertaining. Absolutely reliable. One of a Kind. That's Father Altier. Ideal for catechetical students, introductory classes, RCIA, non-Catholics and Catholics alike. If you want to know -- or to teach -- what the Church Teaches this course is for you. Write or phone:

AVE Media, Inc.
525 Thomas Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55103
(651) 291-7777

2. Cassettes of the "Fundamentals of Catholicism" series and over 150 other talks by Father Altier are available through Divine Mercy Tapes (651) 454-8800 and Leaflet Missal Company in Saint Paul, MN.

3. Talks given by Fr. Altier at the Annual Central Minnesota Eucharistic Conference are available through Twin Hearts Media. They have 7 talks from both the 2005 and 2006 conferences. Please see EMAIL ATTACHMENT for the Audiotape Order Form.

Twin Hearts Media
14815 Aberdeen Street NE
Ham Lake, MN 55304

(763) 757-4282

Finally, the Petition for Fr. Altier was undergoing maintenance for about a week, but we are glad to say that Concerned Roman Catholics now has it back online. We thank them wholeheartedly for their efforts. Their webmaster has done a great job and put a lot of work into making the petition even more user-friendly than before. Please be sure to encourage others to sign it so we can get as many signatures as possible. We remain united in prayer,

From the DesertVoice Webmasters.

(Ed. note: For further information, and an order form for the audiotapes, go to www.desertvoice.com )



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