LifeSiteNews under attack by Canadian priest

world | Feb 16, 2011 | By Mary Ann Kreitzer

One of the sources I frequently turn to is LifeSiteNews (LSN). So I was distressed to see they are being sued for $500,000 by a Canadian priest. Let me describe him in a sentence by saying he's Canada's Fr. Robert Drinan who died in 2007 after years of undermining Catholic doctrine and scandalizing millions.

Like our own disgraceful Fr. Judas, Fr. Raymond Gravel is "pro-choice" and spent some time in politics before being forced to step down by the Vatican. ( this man channelling Fr. Drinan?) He has publicly criticized Church teachings on abortion, contraception, homosexuality, married priests, etc. (Heretics are so predictable!).

Here's what was written about Fr. Gravel in 2006 by Luc Gagnon, president of Campagne-Québec Vie and editor of the journal Égards:

Father Gravel gave a long interview last summer to the 'gay' magazine Fugues (June 2, 2005), published in Montreal. It was a true confession of a disturbed priest, which he would never have made in a Catholic publication.. He was born in 1952 in the small village of Saint-Damien-de-Brandon. From ages 16 to 24, he was a 'gay' prostitute in Montreal and took drugs. After a terrible sexual relation with a client that led him to the hospital, he became a bartender at 'gay' establishments. At 32, he entered the seminary in a dramatic change to fulfill a childhood dream, but with no real spiritual conversion....

Father Gravel is not a fan of the new Pope, Benedict XVI. "I was disappointed when I learnt that the new Pope was the German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger," he said. His bishop, Gilles Lussier from Joliette, was warned by the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith about his rebel priest. "My public positions on abortion and gay 'marriage' were not well received by Rome. My bishop even received a letter from the Holy See saying that if I continue in my opposition to the doctrine of the Catholic Church, I would have to face the consequences."

The author of that letter was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. "Fortunately, I have the support of my bishop, but the day he leaves his position, I might have some trouble." (See more...)

Just another example of a flaming gay allowed to enter the priesthood whose dissent, according to his own words, is enabled by an unfaithful (to the Church) bishop. One can only imagine the extent of the damage he and his bishop have done to the flock. (It is personally painful to me to see a heretic like this coddled by his bishop, while a faithful priest like Fr. James Haley who blew the whistle on porn and embezzlement in the rectory is out in the cold.).

So...this pro-abortion priest is suing LifeSiteNews for defamation. Why? Because they said....(drum roll)...he's pro-abortion! Please stop laughing! Canada is so loony the courts may take this madman seriously and for LifeSiteNews $500,000 is a year's operating expenses. If you can help defend against this lawsuit visit LSN. The Thomas More Society is assisting them, but they have no Canadian office so defending against the lawsuit is likely to be expensive.

Pray for Fr. Gravel and pray for our poor Church. With shepherds like him and his bishop, we need prayer (and exorcism) more than ever!

Mary Ann Kreitzer is a founder of the Catholic Media Coalition.



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