Bangladesh: General strike against new pro women policy

world | Apr 04, 2011 | By Asia News

Dhaka – More than 120 people have been arrested this morning during a general strike (hartal) organised to protest against the government’s National Women Development Policy 2011; 103 were detained in the capital Dhaka, 15 in Faridpur and 3 in Naravangani. The Islamic Law Implementation Committee had called for the labour action, claiming the new policy violates the principles of the Qur‘an.

In Dhaka, Mirpur, Kakrail, Malibagh and other cities, violent clashes with police took place. Some eyewitnesses said police used batons against pro-strike pickets to disperse strikers. A number of people, including police agents were injured.

The strike did not cause any major disruption in the cities. Most shops, factories and schools had already closed in anticipation of the strike, but buses, mini-buses and rickshaws continued to operate.

On 7 March, the Bangladeshi cabinet approved the National Women Development Policy 2011. It provides women with an equal share in property as well as greater opportunities in employment and business. This has led to protest.

Under Islamic law, women are entitled to only a quarter of what men inherit. If adopted, the new policy would give every offspring the same share of a father’s inheritance.

For the adversaries of the new policy, this is a complete violation of the Qur‘an and unfair towards men. They claim that because men have to support their wives, women should less for their dowry.



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