Japan: Church in Japan: a total commitment to help tsunami victims

world | Jun 24, 2011 | By Asia News

Tokyo - The bishops of Japan have sent a letter to all the faithful of the country, in relation to the tsunami and the earthquake of 11 March 2011. The document is entitled "Towards recovery after the tragedy of the earthquake in north-east of Japan." "Because of this tragedy - it says - about 20 thousand people have died, and so far there are no exact numbers of disappeared. We urge you to ceaselessly pray as follows: God of deep compassion, we ask you to receive into your hands all those who have died in this tragedy without being able to say a farewell to their families and their loved ones. In the same way you pray for all families that have been destroyed for having lost a loved one, and ask that you give them enough hope to continue to live and overcome this great pain. "

In their letter, the bishops recall that the earthquake and tsunami destroyed homes, factories, fields and ports, the problem of radioactive contamination is enormous, and many people "are forced to live in makeshift shelters and other very difficult and stressful temporary conditions. Currently we can not speak of a full control of radioactive contamination due to accidents in the nuclear power plant. "

The bishops discussed the situation in their Assembly, June 13 to 17, and decided to "collaborate with a greater effort to help the recovery operations in all of the devastated areas."

The document approved by the bishops states: "Until now, the Catholic Church has focused its assistance through Caritas Japan. But without doubt, looking at the magnitude of the disaster, we decided that the help we give to recovery efforts from now on will be in a concrete form through all the dioceses of Japan. For this we wish that all priests, religious and all our brothers and sisters in faith join in a continuous and stable form in this appeal we make, "asking at the same time "all our brothers in Japan and the rest of the world for prayers and help, and that they walk with us. "



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