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world | Oct 12, 2006 | By Ignacio Arechaga

Surpassing the limits of human nature



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Scientifically-assisted human procreation, which began as a means for couples to overcome infertility problems, now figures as a means of pressing the limits of nature rather than working within them. It is nothing but “cruel procreation”.


Just think of the post-menopausal women who, thanks to Fertilization and In Vitro Transfer (FIVET), have achieved their aim of having children at the age more appropriate for grand-motherhood.  The record is held by Adriana Illescu, a 67-year-old retired Romanian teacher became a single mother with donated sperm and ova, giving birth after nine years of fertility treatments.


In Spain, the law does not provide for an age limit and therefore permitted a Spanish woman of 60 years of age to give birth to a child after having received fertility treatments. The majority of the fertility clinics say that they do not normally accept woman over 50 years of age, out of concern for the effects of such a late-stage pregnancy on both women and their children. However, data from 2002 indicate that there were in Spain at least 100 births of children to women older than 48 and 35 to women over 50 years of age.


The rise in



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