Christmas season marked by obscenities

world | Dec 19, 2006 | By William Donohue

Anti-Catholic art is offensive any time of the year, but it is doubly so when it occurs at Christmastime.

The Art Center of Corpus Christi is the venue this December of the K-Space exhibit, a collection of pieces representing the work of artists from K-Space Arts Studio in this Texas city. Included is "an acrylic painting showing the womb of a nude virgin mother, who's holding a crucifix linked by rosary beads to the unborn son's umbilical supply; a painting that "appears like a black and white version of the Last Supper," but is really a man "wearing a costume, eating dinner with rats"; a painting that "shows men, dressed in different costumes, one as a member of the Vatican, all drinking from a keg of beer"; and a drawing called "Communion" that "depicts three people, all completely naked, holding hands."

Jessica Delfino is taking her "Merry S--tmas Tour" on the road. Described as "rife with Christmas-themed debauchery," Delfino worked last night in New York City, appears in Washington, D.C. tomorrow and travels to South Durham, North Carolina on Thursday. Her performance includes the showing of an obscenely-titled video banned from YouTube that features her rapping about her vagina, complete with obscene pictures flashing in the background. Rapping about her genitals, she sings, "it will become your true religion."

None of this is without malice. And at a time when radical Muslims are accusing Americans of harboring a depraved understanding of liberty, it only provides ammunition to the enemy.



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