Uzbekistan cracksdown on Christians

world | Dec 23, 2006 | By Asia News


Uzbek state television is insulting Christian minorities and provoking general disrespect in their regard. Meanwhile the government has “concocted” a survey on religious freedom to tell the world that the country is tolerant towards all religions, according to the news agency Forum 18.


Uzbek state television broadcast a previously unscheduled programme entitled "Hypocrites" on the evenings of 30 November and 1 December, attacking Protestant churches and accusing them of plagiarism and using drugs.


The programme said: "On the pretext of financially helping people in need, they [these groups] instil their own teachings in these people's minds. Soon the targeted people become complete zombies."


The programme cited and attacked many religious groups, including the Full Gospel Pentecostal Church – which the government recognises as registered – as "illegally operating".

Begzot Kadyrov, specialist of the State’s Religious Affairs Committee, intervened only to criticise missionary activities. "Turning away from the religion of one's ancestors is not only one's own mistake but could also lead to very bad situations between brothers, sisters and between parents and their children."



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Source: Asia News

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