Horror in India: harvesting childrens organs

Alleged organ trafficking and sexual abuse of children: All Christian Council demands investigation and regulation of child-care agencies. Dalits, India's "untouchables" were targetted.

Organ trafficking or sexual abuse may account for the disappearance of 38 children from Nithari village near Noida, 25km from Delhi, in Uttar Pradesh. Remains of 17 of them were found at the beginning of the year. The owner of the house where the victims were buried, Moninder Singh, and his domestic, Surender, were arrested and have confessed but this has not stopped the tragedy from taking on strong political overtones.


At first, before the national press splashed the ugly story as front page news, a special envoy of the Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mulayam Singh Yadav, who is his brother Shivpal Yadav, had described the murders as a “small and routine incidents” after visiting Nithari. Shipval defended the performance of the local police – accused of allowing months to pass before taking action – although the government had sacked six officers the day before and suspended another three because of their negligence in the case.


The All India Christian Council believes such an attitude could only be explained by the fact that the victims came from poor or Dalit families, often from other states or belonging to religious minorities. The council sent a team to visit the afflicted families. The parents of the children who went missing say the children of rich or high caste families living in the surroundings had not lost their children. Even if they had gone missing, they were restored to their parents safe and sound, thanks to the help of the police and the authorities.


John Dayal, secretary-general of the All India Christian Council, said the magistrate of Chouhan district and the police stopped the council’s fact-finding team because they thought that the Christian community was trying to get its hands on the relatives of the victims by helping them. Dayal replied by saying that the magistrate had not understood the reason behind the visit of the Christian delegation to the families of the victi

Source: Asia News


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