A free event celebrating the deliciousness of cheese was ruined by protesters who hate any meat or any animal-based food. An “Evening of Cheese” was touted on Facebook and took place in the Borough Market in London. Festival-goers were six people deep at stalls offering cheeses from around the world. Protesters wearing white masks held threatening signs saying: "How loud would you scream if someone stole your baby" and "Not my mom, not my milk."
As it was too many dairy-lovers showed up at the event and had to leave cheese-less, prompting disappointment and upsets. Claire Rose, who attended the event, wrote on the event page at Facebook, "People were dangerously pushing and shoving to get in and out- let alone not being able to get to the Cheese stalls!  Left after 5 minutes of being 6 people deep around the stalls."
Emma McCann wrote, "The only thing I experienced was abuse from the anti-dairy protesters! Worst event I have attended in years." Jamie Brimage was "Mega cheesed off about tonight.” Brimage complained about poor organization of the event, and that the organizers “didn't give Edam.”
The managing director of Borough Market, Darren Henaghan, said in a statement that a “small minority” of attendees were cheesed off by the event. "For the last 10 years we have opened this historic and unique market at Christmas for this special event, and this year saw unprecedented numbers attend, making the market much busier than usual.” 
Henaghan said that there have been some lessons learned from the “event’s popularity,” but that he has received positive comments about the cheese on offer at the market, which Henaghan said is over 1,000 years old. 



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