Veteran actor Alec Baldwin reprised his impression of President-elect Donald Trump was on "Saturday Night Live.” On the evening of January 14, Baldwin as Trump opened the show and mocked the President-elect’s January 10 press conference. In SNL’s version, Baldwin as Trump says what will happen as soon as he is sworn into office on January 20. “I’ll have a little pet, like all the presidents do... I'll have Paul Ryan. I mean, I'm not gay, but I cannot wait to give it to that man for four years."
Baldwin also made a number of puns relating to the unsubstantiated files published by BuzzFeed that alleged that Trump had engaged in perverted sex acts with prostitutes in a room at Moscow’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The files claim that Russian intelligence has video tape of the incident.
As Trump, Baldwin said on SNL: "I’m going to bring back a thick stream of jobs back to this country — the biggest, strongest, steadiest stream you’ve ever seen.” The faux President added, “This country will literally be showered with jobs because I am a major whiz at jobs. This will be a golden opportunity for me as President to make a splash.”
Also on Saturday Night Live, Sasheer Zamata played a reporter and asked about Trump’s plan to replace the medical coverage under the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), supposedly without a replacement. Zamata as the reporter say  "20 million people will lose their health insurance" and "could die!" Baldwin as Trump replied, “Honey, I'm about to be president. We're all going to die."



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