Texas Gov. Perry says Obama 'inept' while feds house illegal immigrants beyond border region

politics | Jul 07, 2014 | By Martin Barillas

Governor Rick Perry of Texas reiterated his belief that President Barack Obama has "ulterior motives" for the federal government's response to the surge of illegal immigrant minors entering the United States from Latin America. Speaking on July 6 on ABC's 'This Week,' the Republican said “I have to believe that when you don’t respond in any way that you are either inept or you have some ulterior motive of which you are functioning from.” Furthermore, said the former presidential candidate, “I don’t believe he particularly cares whether or not the border of the United States is secure,” Perry said when asked by host Martha Raddatz if he stood by comments made in a June 17 interview with “Fox and Friends.”
“This president, I will suggest, is either totally and absolutely either inept, or making some decisions that are not in the best interests of American citizens,” Perry said during that interview with Fox News.
Perry expressed the fear that illegal immigrants from the terrorist-prone Middle East are also crossing into the United States. “We also have a record high of other than Mexicans being apprehended at the border,” Perry said. “These are people that are coming from states like Syria that have substantial connections back to terrorist regimes.”
Perry has decided not to run for another term as governor of Texas but is considering a second presidential run in 2016. Despite Perry's express doubts about Obama's response to the current illegal immigrant surge, during the 2012 Republican primary, some voters saw his stance on immigration as too liberal. During the primary, Perry questioned the compassion of the opponents to the provision of tuition for the children of illegal immigrants. However, Perry claims that his critique of federal immigration policy goes back to the era of fellow Texan, President George W. Bush. Perry said he has sent requests for more federal border security to the White House for the last ten years. 
When interviewer Martha Raddatz asked if he were engaging in “conspiracy” talk, Perry said the number of illegal immigrant minors currently being housed in government border facilities may be to the detriment of federal responsiveness to future disasters and crises. “If we have a major event, a hurricane, that comes into the Gulf Coast, I don’t have a place to be housing people who have been displaced because this administration has been housing them,” Perry said.
The federal government is poised to provide some relief to border states such as Texas and Arizona by re-locating some of the thousands of illegal immigrant minors who have crossed into the U.S. over the last year. Michigan, for example, is one of the states that may be called upon to house these minors. A facility in rural Michigan operated by Wolverine Human Services is being considered. The facility is located near Vassar, a town in Tuscola County, approximately 100 miles north of Detroit. A city council meeting is planned for the evening of July 7 for residents to hear about plans for locating the minors in their district. Spero News reached out to Wolverine Human Services last week and in an emailed statement was told by a company spokesman that no contract for housing the minors had yet been signed with the federal government. 
Some Tuscola County residents oppose locating the illegal immigrants in their community. Michigan State Senator Mike Green expressed concern about the issue, according to WNEM-TV news. "We don't know their history. We don't know if they have diseases. We know nothing," said Green, who represents the 31st State Senate District. The Republican said that the problem of immigration is one for President Obama and the federal government to resolve, while he called for immigration reform. 
Tuscola County residents, who are demanding attention to local rather than federal problems, are planning a protest outside of City Hall in Vassar during the couincil meeting. Activists and state officials are also expected to be on hand. In other states, such as California, protesters have taken to blocking the roads in order to prevent busloads of illegal immigrants from being transported from detention centers on the border to the interior of the country and possible reunion with family members. The federal government is responding with plans for riot squads to control the protesters.
Robert E. Wollack Jr. is the founder of Wolverine Human Services and a New York City police officer. He is the author of They Will be Victors, which is a book that recounts his personal struggles and ultimate success in founding rehabilitation services for children and adults in Michigan and Florida. According to the mission statement found on the WHS website, "Wolverine Human Services is a social service agency providing safety, sustenance, and nurturing and therapeutic intervention to children. Wolverine's programs focus on adolescents suffering from the social injustices of abuse and neglect and those involved in delinquent activities. Our mission is to offer the most appropriate settings and most effective services to children, their families and their communities."
Wollack has received kudos from government officials, universities, and church groups for his work in rehabilitating drug-addicted minors. According to a blurb for his book, "He has been a tenacious crusader for America’s troubled youth since his own dramatic transformation from a young convicted felon to a respected business leader and advocate for social change." He has received a Master's degree in social work from the University of Michigan and has dedicated three decades of his life to serving juvenile addicts and offenders. According to the FindTheData.com website, donations from a Robert E. Wollack in the amounts of $1000 and $500 were found, respectively, for Obama for America and Obama Victory Fund 2012. 
Spero News reported June 19 that Wolverine Human Services was soliciting in local newspapers for bilingual speakers of Spanish to work as cooks, drivers, and youth care workers. 



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