Group says UN's Sustainable Development agenda eliminates capitalism

UN: Sustainable Development Conference will shape how we can reduce poverty, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection on an ever more crowded planet to get to the future we want.

On the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, first held in Rio de Jeneiro, Craig Rucker said that he is bringing a sound voice to the conference also held in Rio next week.

Rucker is the the excutive director and co-founder of CFACT, the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow.

At the conference being held on June 20-22, the UN is reviewing what it calls the "Zero Draft" agenda, with the intent to provide a framework that world leaders are expected to implement over the next 20 years. On the official website of the conference, the UN calls the document "The Future We Want."

Rucker said the Zero Draft document places limits on human population, encourages failed solar and wind energy production, failed agriculture policies, and said "it's more like the future we dread."

Craig Rucker co-founded CFACT in 1985 to encourage free-market policies that protect property rights that he believes improve the environment around the globe.

His non-profit organization has been an official NGO registered with the UN conferences since at least the early 2000s. As an official NGO, Rucker said he relishes the opportunity to provide his input that is often the opposite of most of the delegates who attend.

He and his team arrived in Rio early this week so they could attend the important agenda-setting pre-meetings. In a statement, Rucker said he is already engaging delegates and challenging their assumptions about what sustainability means.

On his route to attend a meeting inside the venue, he stopped at a cafe that had a "sustainable food" banner hanging in front. He turned on his camera, spoke into it and recorded a YouTube video to CFACT supporters, mainly in the United States and Europe. He reviewed the menu of the cafe and pointed out that the beer was non-alcoholic and the food was all vegetarian.

Before attending a pre-conference meeting entitled "What will be the Rio legacy?", Rucker said his presence at the meeting gives him the opportunity to point out the flaws in the Rio process.

Rucker spoke for two minutes at the meeting and explained over a microphone in the audience how he sees contradictions to sustainability, such as windfarms that kill thousands of birds each year in the United States.

After Rucker spoke, a panelist encouraged participants to sign a petition that the "rights of Mother Earth" should be enshrined in national constitutions. She also advocated an international climate court that would issue "invoices" to individuals, corporations, and governments for their "eco-sins." Her fellow-panelists smiled and listed to her.

In a statement, Rucker said the UN has so-far refused to provide a copy of the "Zero Draft" document to him or to any member of CFACT.

However, Rucker sent an email message the day before to his supporters that included a link to a marked-up document that he said CFACT obtained months ago. The document is making waves among conservative policy analysts because of the frequent language encouraging the abandonment of capitalism to protect the environment.

While many heads of state will attend the conference, Barack Obama will not attend, but is sending Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, in his place.


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