Kellyanne Conway, who ran Donald Trump’s campaign and who will now serve in the White House, was seen arriving at the Capitol Building as were other politicians and dignitaries to participate in the Inauguration Day ceremonies. On the liberal Huffington Post, Fashion and Lifestyle Editor Jamie Feldman issued an article entitled, “Kellyanne Conway really loves America, according to the eye-opening outfit.” Photographers captured Conway descending from a vehicle wearing a coat in red, white, and blue, and studded with metal buttons. According to some reports, it was fashioned by Gucci.

A Twitter user bearing the handle Deplorable Rāzərbak tweeted, “Birthday girl Kellyanne Conway: I Feel Like Sunshine, Its like America is getting a fresh coat of paint.” Conway celebrates her 50th birthday today. Conway also appeared on CBS This Morning and on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.” Huffington Post’s Feldman asked what was depicted on Conway’s buttons, “Shields? Small photos of Trump’s face? Cats? Golden nuggets of patriotism? We can’t be sure yet.” Not satisfied with her snark, Feldman added that Conway topped off her “whole look with a bright red bucket hat, as one does.”



TMZ published an article entitled "Kellyanne Conway Inauguration outfit downright revolutionary."  It said that the outfit got lots of attention  "as much as anyone, for the $3,600 Gucci wool a-line coat. Like Trump says, she can be a real Nutcracker."



Elsewhere, Melania Trump’s pale blue coat drew comparisons to coat worn by Jackie Kennedy at John Kennedy's presidential inauguration in 1961. A photo of Conway on the website was paired with a photo of a traditional German nutcracker in a uniform. 



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