Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced on Twitter that the federal government is offering a new website that gives details graphs and information about federal funding and expenditures for 2016. The website offers graphics and search terms to enable citizens to understand where their tax dollars are being spent.

2016 Federal Expenditures

Social Security 23.0 percent $916.1 billion

National Defense 14.9 percent $595.3 billion

Medicare 14.9 percent $594.5 billion

Income Security 12.9 percent $514.6 billion

Health 12.8 percent $511.3 billion

Net Interest 6.0 percent $240.7 billion

Veterans Benefits & Services 4.4 percent $174.5 billion

Education 2.7 percent $108.1 billion

Transportation 2.3 percent $92.9

Administration 1.4 percent $57.1 billion

International Affairs 1.1 percent $57.1 billion

Natural Resources 0.9 percent $37.8 billion

General Science, Space, & Technology 0.8 percent $30.2 billion

Community and Regional Development $21.1 billion

Agriculture $20.2 billion

General Government $18.6 billion

Energy $3.7 billion

The three largest states in the Union ranked according to population, receive varying percentages of the total of federal largesse:


9.7% of total federal budget

Population 39.2 million

Federal expenditure $289,679,921,444

Average per person: $7389


5.7% of total federal budget Population 27.8 million Received 169,415,582.466 Average per person: $6080

New York

5.3% of total federal budget

Population: 19.2 million

Federal expenditure: $158,617,348,110

Average per person: $8033



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