Memo to Speaker Boehner: cutting Planned Parenthood is a fiscal necessity

Fifty-six million American abortions and 40 years to the day after Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court ruling which essentially decriminalized abortion from conception to birth, pro-life leaders are turning their fire on the USA's top Republican, U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, in connection with GOP plans to raise the debt ceiling on Wednesday.

"It's now years since Boehner became Speaker, every dime of federal overspending requires House Republican approval and yet, our federal government is still borrowing at $50,000 per second, partly for the evil of national debt-financed abortion subsidies to Planned Parenthood," said Troy Newman, president of the Kansas-based pro-life group Operation Rescue.
"Pro-lifers and Tea Partiers should be disgusted. Boehner's RINO House has done nothing to cut spending in general or to eliminate debt-funded abortion in particular. Worse, today Boehner's GOP plans to surrender to President Obama once again, this time by suspending the debt ceiling entirely! Without requiring any spending cuts, Boehner's Republicans are about to give Obama exactly what he demanded in December by lifting all quantitative caps on our $16.4 trillion national debt to keep right on borrowing for baby killing."
Newman added, "Our message to Boehner and his cowardly, caving caucus: You're good for nothing if you fail to end debt-financed abortion subsidies, if you keep Planned Parenthood on the federal dole, if you refuse to end borrowing for baby-killing."
Newman's not alone. Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council said on January 8, "Now that the country has maxed out its credit cards, the House is preparing to do battle over the debt ceiling. If [Planned Parenthood] alone is blowing a half-billion dollar hole in our debt, here's a suggestion for GOP leaders. Make defunding Planned Parenthood a condition of raising the federal borrowing limit."
Last Thursday, Perkins signed a public letter with 40 other conservative leaders saying, "Today is the day we stop stealing from our children. Conservatives should not raise our nation's statutory debt limit unless Congress passes and the President signs into law real reforms and immediate spending reductions." Boehner's Wednesday bill, however, would ignore Perkins, Newman, and the other pro-life, fiscally conservative and Tea Party leaders by suspending the debt ceiling altogether through May 19, by leaving all federal subsidies in place for Planned Parenthood, and by avoiding all cuts in U.S. spending and borrowing.
Newman added, "At a Thursday, January 24 press event in Washington, DC, at a location to be announced, we will unveil our opening TV ad to bring this outrage to the attention of voters within the districts of House Republican RINOs, starting with John Boehner's 8th Congressional District of Ohio. For us, ending debt-financed abortion subsidies, ending all borrowing for baby killing, is a morally-absolute non-negotiable. We wish more than a small handful of so-called pro-life House Republicans understood that."
Cheryl Sullenger is Senior Political Advisor at Operation Rescue.
The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author only, not of Spero News.
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