Nigeria: Muslim terrorists kill dozens in market

world | May 03, 2012 | By Spero News

At least 34 people died caused by a bomb attack in a cattle market on the afternoon of May 2, which took place in Potiskum, in northeastern Nigeria. According to agency sources, the toll of the attack is expected to rise to 50. Information on the incident remains sparse. While the culprits are as yet unidentified, the prevailing hypothesis is that Boko Haram - an Islamic terrorist sect - carried out the attack. Boko Haram has continued its attacks on Christians and their places of worship.

"If the involvement of Boko Haram were confirmed in this attack, it would sound like a prophetic warning," said Catholic Archbishop Ignatius Ayau Kaigama of Jos, who is the leader of the Nigerian conference of Catholic bishops. Complaining about the efficacy of Nigeria's security forces, Archbishop Kaigama said "one must ask where will the next attack be. In an airport? In an open market or in another crowded place?"

Archbishop Kaigama also reiterated that "the Church, especially the Catholic, is a goal." An alarm was raised by the President of the Association of Christians in Nigeria, Ayo Oritsejafor, who asked authorities to stop Islamist terrorism against Christians, and to prevent reprisals. Oritsejafor appealed to all Nigerians to remain calm and not to follow the path of violence.



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