Thailand: Bangkok: Thai Catholic educators challenge materialism and moral crisis

world | Apr 28, 2012 | By Asia News

Bangkok - Against the moral crisis, the growing materialism and unbridled globalization,  a human development program that begins at the school  is needed; only education, in fact, strengthened by Christian values can fight against ruthless competition, the result of rampant selfishness, contributing to the rediscovery of faith and growth of a more just and equitable society. These were the issues raised in a two-day seminar, organized in mid-April in Bangkok Thailand by the Catholic Education Council (TCEC), under the auspices of the National Commission for Catholic Education, reserved for teachers and professors. During the two days of meeting and discussion, particular focus was paid to the "educational tool" to train students to "grow well" and have a curriculum that combines academic success to the progress of personality and religious sense.

The political, social and cultural situation generates problems in education, dominated by a "selfishness" in the unbridled pursuit of success and decline of traditional values and principles promoted by faith. These factors determine the widening divide between rich and poor, and - paradoxically - slow the development of Thailand. For this reason the task of teachers and educators is essential, called to promote honesty, respect, responsibility and dedication to others among students. These, experts warn, are the essential factors to be included for a "good growth".

Fr. Francis Xavier Deja Arpornrat, TCEC Secretary General, stresses the need to "train students" from the first classes to respect others in personal and social spheres, "reinforcing the identity of Catholic education" in accordance with the principles of "love and freedom. " Visit Dejkunchorn, police officer and vice president of the anti-corruption unite, invited educators to "reconstruct" the nation, according to the principles formulated in the Ten Commandments, especially the fourth one which "calls people to respect their parents, in a period when there is little mutual respect between people. " And for Buddhists, he adds, you must start from the teachings and principles promoted by the Buddha.

Sorajak Kaseamsuwan, Secretary General of National Film Association, agrees with the idea of 'building the nation - rather than re-establishing it from scratch" and he calls on teachers and professors to "consider each student with the same importance, "because their teachers are" the first builders "of those who are students today, but tomorrow will be the stars and leaders of the nation. Finally, Santi Taepanich adds it is essential to be "patient", because only then is it possible to mediate on and correct the "excesses" of the younger generations.




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