An intruder miraculously survived being shot multiple times after he broke into a home where the owner was waiting with a revolver. According to media reports, 32-year-old Atlanta resident Paul Slater had knocked on the door at the home of a woman who lived across the street from an elementary school in Loganville, a town in Walton County, Georgia. According to Sheriff Joe Chapman, the mother of nine-year-old twin boys called her husband to tell him that a strange man was outside a window of the home. Her husband told her to take refuge in the attic of the house. The mother took the precaution of arming herself with a revolver.
The sheriff said that Slater, when he did not get a response from the homeowner, returned to his vehicle to fetch a crowbar to effectuate the break-in. When Slater reached the crawlspace, the woman was locked and loaded. Sheriff Chapman said to the media, "All of a sudden the crawl space door opens up and it's the perpetrator and she begins firing.  She strikes him five or six times, strikes him five times, gets her kids and they run out of the house."
(Paul Slater)
Reportedly, the woman shot Slater three times in the neck, and twice in the face. Said Sheriff Chapman, "We know he was shot in the mouth because we found teeth all in the upstairs room where he was shot." The woman realized that she had run out of bullets but told Slater not to move. Said Chapman, "She's standing over him, and she realizes she's fired all six rounds. And the guy's telling her to quit shooting." The mother then fled with her children from her home to safety at a neighbor’s house.
Despite taking five rounds from a .38 calibre pistol, Slater was able to stagger from the house to his waiting car and drive down the street. It was in a neighbor’s driveway where Slater finally collapsed, having run his car into a forest. The alleged burglar was taken to Gwinnett Medical Center where it is believed that he will  survive.
Sheriff Chapman opined that Slater decided to invade the home because it was the only one without a vehicle in the driveway. Of the incident, the Georgia lawman said that he is happy that was only the home invader who was injured. "I'm glad that she was armed and I'm glad that she protected herself and the children," said Chapman.
When deputies came to arrest the perpetrator at the otherwise quiet suburban street, they found Slater in extremis on a neighbor’s driveway.  According to Sheriff Chapman, Slater begged for help, saying "Help me. I'm close to dying."  Slater already had a criminal record, having been arrested in February 2012 on simple battery charges. Since 2008, he has been arrested six other times.  He was most recently released from jail in August 2012.



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