U.S. Border Patrol agents raided a nonprofit group that provides humanitarian aid to illegal aliens and border-crossers on the border with Mexico in Arizona. Agents arrested four Mexican males who were suspected illegal immigrants. 
Operated by the nongovernmental organization, “No Mas Muertes” (No More Deaths), the camp lies approximately 11 miles north of the international border where it provides medical care for persons crossing the arid, deadly Sonoran desert and into the interior of the country. It has been operating there for more than 10 years.
In a tweet, No Mas Muertes, declared, "The raid on the medical aid camp is unacceptable and a break in our good faith agreements w/BP to respect the critical work of #NoMoreDeaths."  In its own tweet, the Border Patrol noted that its agents had served a warrant for arrest at the camp in Arivaca, Arizona. According to the nonprofit, 30 armed Border Patrol agents came to the camp in more than a dozen trucks, bolstered by a helicopter. 
The Border Patrol stated on Twitter that agents felt “compelled to seek a search warrant” to question the four men. Last month, a similar raid yielded eight undocumented men. The arrests brought in two individuals who had a criminal record.
No Mas Muertes complains that the increased presence of law enforcement has kept border crossers from accesing the humanitarian assistance it provides. In a tweet, the group wrote: “The choice to interdict people only after they entered the #NoMoreDeaths camp is evidence that this was a direct attack on humanitarian aid.”
In a statement on its website, Border Patrol agents began their surveillance on June 13, coming on foot, ATVs and other vehicles. Surrounding the facility, they set up a perimeter and a checkpoint where they check persons leaving and asked for their citizenship status.
On June 15, a larger contingent of agents arrived, said No Mas Muertes, to apprehend four persons. Kate Morgan, Abuse Documentation and Advocacy Coordinator for the organization, said, “No More Deaths has documented the deaths and disappearances of hundreds of migrants in the Arivaca corridor of the border.  Today’s raid on the medical aid-station is unacceptable and a break in our good-faith agreements with Border Patrol to respect the critical work of No More Deaths.”



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