During the last week’s Super Bowl, several corporations, including Anheuser-Bush and 84 Lumber, sought to pair their respective company image with social and political issues. In each case, they spoke to the experience of immigration, while 84 Lumber went so far as to depict a young mother and daughter crossing a Mexican wasteland to cross into the United States illegally.

In a departure from its usual liberal fare, “Saturday Night Live” did a spoof of an advertising agency seeking to repeat the virtue signaling described above. Actor Alec Baldwin, who has regularly played President Donald Trump on the show, was in the role of an ad pitchman seeking to win a contract for a commercial plugging “Cheetos.”

Baldwin plays the lead of “Murphy and Kennedy” advertisement developments, and pitches the orange snack, “We open on a Mexican person wearing a sombrero. He takes it off, underneath there’s a Muslim woman. The Muslim woman takes off her hijab and underneath is a Jewish person. The Jewish person takes off his yarmulke. Underneath is a Cheeto.”

The second team of ad developers try more conventional pitches, but without success.

As the skit goes on, the pitches become even more socially-conscious as the Baldwin and his female companion compete with the pair. Speaking to the ongoing national debate over immigration and refugees, Baldwin pitches yet another version of virtue signalling. “We open on a little immigrant girl. She's dusty. She's tired. She's come a long way.” His female companion says, “She looks up and sees a wall. How will she get over it? A boy appears at the top.” Baldwin chimes in, “He throws down a rope. The rope is made from American flags.” The actress continues, “The girl climbs the rope. She sees her new country for the first time. and she cries.” Baldwin adds, “Hard cut. Cheetos .”



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