UPDATE: Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida identified the Fort Lauderdale airport shooter as Esteban Santiago, based on the latter's military identification. There are reports, However, that there may be another shooter. Eight people have been hospitalized; five people are confirmed dead.


Ari Fleischer, who was George W. Bush’s press spokesman, tweeted that shots were fired at the airport at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “Everyone is running,” he tweeted. There are reports that at least  nine people have been shot, three fatally.


A suspect is now in custody. Law enforcement expert Jim Cavanaugh told MSNBC News, "You're trying to understand, is this a one-off guy? Regardless of motive, is he alone, or is there something else?" Cavanaugh added, “We hate to think that way, but that's the requirement for police commanders — to think that way." Fleischer later tweeted, “All seems calm.”



There are four terminals at the international airport, while the incident occurred at Terminal 2.



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