In a joint press conference, President Trump said on Tuesday that he is “disappointed” with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. With Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri standing next to him, Trump said. “I’m very disappointed with the attorney general, but we will see what happens. Time will tell. Time will tell.” This was yet another criticism Trump has made of Sessions. Trump has criticized Sessions for the latter’s decision to recuse himself from all campaign-related investigations, including the question of whether Trump’s aides colluded with Russian meddling in the general election. According to the Associated Press and Washington Post, Trump is considering the option of firing Sessions.

At the press conference, Trump was asked why he has leveled the public criticisms at Sessions rather than firing him outright. “I don’t think I am doing that — but I am disappointed in the attorney general.” He went on to say, “He should not have recused himself almost immediately after he took office. And if he was going to recuse himself he should have told me prior to taking office and I would have quite simply picked somebody else.” Trump said, “I think that’s a bad thing, not for the president but for the presidency. I think it’s unfair to the presidency and that’s the way I feel.”

Referring to other difficulties the White House is facing, Trump said Sessions should be “much tougher on the leaks from intelligence agencies, which are leaking like rarely have they ever leaked before at a very important level.” 

Sessions was the first Republican senator to endorse Trump’s campaign; he remains popular among Trump’s supporters. Some Republican senators have already come to Sessions’ defense, while Democrats are planning to take the steps necessary to prevent Trump from seeking a recess appointment to fill the vacancy should Sessions depart from his job. In a Wall Street Journal interview, Trump also expressed his disappointment with Sessions.



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