In an act of defying United States, European Union, and even United Nation’s policy, Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa pledged on October 26 to continue to build financial, trade and industrial ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Fars News, the Islamic Regime’s official news agency, published Correa’s remarks, and offered words on the Regime’s success in wooing further Latin American states such as Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia. Iran began building ties with Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez soon after he came to power. Since then, he has been instrumental in supporting Iran’s relatively unchallenged campaign to further infiltrate Latin America.

Industrial, military and economic cooperation between resource-rich Latin America and uranium-hungry Iran raises many eyebrows and sparks even more concerns; the sanctions imposed on the Islamic Regime’s banks and energy sector by the U.S, the E.U. and the U.N. are effectively being skirted by our hemispherical neighbors.

Last month, American fears of Iranian infiltration into Latin America would rightfully be dominated by the ever-grave nuclear issue.  But with the recent revelations of the Iranian Regime approaching Mexicans drug traffickers to execute assassination plots on U.S. soil, the importance of discrediting Iranian-Latin cooperation is two-fold. Iran will stop at nothing to terrorize us - that includes using our neighbors to the south for everything from resources, proximity to our borders and even manpower. Iran has developed a vicious network, just miles from some of our greatest cities.
Iran’s intentions in Latin America continue to become more apparent, as the parties involved issue controversial and provocative statements.  President Correa must be challenged not only on his detrimental foreign policy, but forced to answer the tough questions. 

Does he stand for democracy and the rule of law, or side with those who systemically violate human rights and seek international destabilization, like the Iranian Regime?  His country-people deserve to know who he really is.  After all, they will suffer firsthand the consequences of having a leader who befriends tyrants. 




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