Oscar Fredy Garcia has been charged in connection with an attempt to buy a grenade launcher and three AK-47 rifles. While Garcia is an illegal alien from Mexico, whether or not those weapons were intended for a narco-terrorist organization such as Los Zetas remains unclear. However, the grenade launcher was intended for export to Mexico.
Near Los Fresnos, Texas, officers of the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosive arrested Garcia in the midst of a failed attempt to buy an M-203 grenade launcher, according to court filings. Garcia met with an undercover ATF agent on February 6 to purchase the grenade launcher and three AK-47 rifles in exchange for $5,000. Garcia gave the agent $300 as a down payment. According to a criminal complaint against Garcia, he was buying the arms for someone named Oscar Garcia Mendez, who is also party to the case.
A grenade launcher of the M-203 fires various types of 40mm rounds. There are versions of the launcher that can be used by themselves or as part of an AR-15 system. 
Garcia reunited with the undercover ATF agent on February 7 in Los Frenos and was arrested. He has appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Ronald Morgan and charged him with one count of conspiring to commit an offense against the United States. Garcia was ordered held without bond due to his flight risk.
In 2015, Garcia was arrested near Roma, a border town. He was charged then with illegal entry into the US. He pleaded guilty and was jailed and then deported. 
In another case involving weapons purchases by illegal aliens, federal law enforcement officers have arrested Dulce Maria Rippstine (36) of San Juan, Texas, and Juan Martin Segura (56), an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Currently in jail, the pair are charged with conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States. They are believed to have acted as fronts for persons wishing to purchase weapons and smuggle them to Mexico.
The two are believed to have had various individuals purchase weapons on their behalf so they could be smuggled into Mexico.
In a similar case, Jermine T. Prosper was sentenced to five years in prison for smuggling and trafficking approximately 50 firearms to Guyana during a two-year period. He legally purchased the firearms in the Atlanta area with the intention of smuggling the guns to Guyana and later selling them there. 
Between October 2013 and November 2015, Prosper, a lawful permanent resident, purchased over 50 firearms from two local federal firearms licensees, including 34 nine millimeter pistols, eight .380 caliber pistols and six .25 caliber pistols.  Prosper subsequently hid the firearms in shipping barrels and then smuggled them to Guyana where an unknown associate sold them on the streets.
In early 2016, Prosper sold multiple firearms to a fellow Guyanese national who intended to ship them to Guyana. Because Prosper had successfully smuggled firearms from the United States, he offered to smuggle the firearms to Guyana on that person’s behalf.  During their final transaction in April 2016, Prosper sold four additional firearms to this Guyanese national.  Prior to delivering the firearms, Prosper obliterated the serial numbers on the weapons so they would not be traced back to him.



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