The London Guardian has published a video commentary featuring the remarks of a Sudanese journalist, Nesrine Malik, who currently resides in the UK. In the video, she argues that physical assaults on President Trump’s supporters should not be condemned. She argues that violence is justified against Trump’s supporters because of their alleged bigotry. “When they go low, going high is not enough,” argues Malik. Here was a reference to a statement made during the presidential campaign by Michelle Obama, who called on supporters to “go high” when Trump supporters “go low.” Nesrine added, “When Richard Spencer was punched in the street, it was a cathartic moment for many.”
Richard Spencer is the leader of an alleged white supremacist movement who was sucker punched in the face by an as yet unidentified masked assailant on January 21 when radical leftists and anarchists were rampant in some areas of Washington DC during the so-called Women’s March on Washington, which featured an amalgamation of various leftist and feminist causes.
Malik said that the assault on Spencer  “caught us up,” she insisted that “reasoned debate” is not enough when addressing “racists and misogynists.” She asked, “Why should we be better?,” while adding that the lack of violent tactics is “paralyzing liberal democracy.” Even so, Malik appeared to demur and say that she would not encourage followers to “punch Nazis.” Without specification, Malik said that “hard won freedoms” and “equalities” are under threat. She denounced liberals’ “narcissism of good behavior” that should “be jettisoned.”



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