Have you noticed the days are already getting longer here in the northern hemisphere? It can be a little confusing because for some inexplicable reason we will soon begin Daylight Saving Time, a practice I never understood. Nevertheless, there is more daylight each day of it’s own accord.

Changing the clocks doesn’t control the amount of light in a day; that happens naturally. It’s really the perfect time for the season of the Great Lenten Fast and for the celebration of Pascha/Passover.

As the natural light increases for us, perhaps the supernatural light of Christ will dawn on us, as well. That is, perhaps we will realize that Christ is indeed the Light of the World. At Christmas, the icon of the Nativity of Jesus shows the brightness of His coming into the darkness of the world. At Theophany (January 6), which we also call the Enlightenment or Illumination, the Holy Trinity is revealed publicly at the Baptism of Jesus.

At the Encounter (February 2), Simeon and Anna have a personal revelation of Who Jesus is. At the Transfiguration (August 6), Peter, James, and John experience the supernatural, uncreated light of Christ’s divinity.

Every feast of our Lord, God, and Saviour Jesus Christ, during the liturgical year, has as one of it’s primary themes - light. Many of the Gospel passages we hear each year concern Jesus revealing Himself to someone, either in word or action. Of course, many of these same passages show someone who doesn’t see the light of Christ. Jesus gives sight to the blind, a direct fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah, and yet the religious authorities don’t know or won’t say that they can see the truth.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Pascha) is another feast of light. Every icon of the Resurrection shows Jesus in bright clothing revealing the light and life He bestows. The Descent into Hades shows Him revealing His light and life to the dead, with Adam and Eve at the forefront. The Women at the Tomb, Mary in the Garden, the Confession of Saint Thomas - they are all encounters with the resurrected Saviour.

Now, what about us?

Do we accept Jesus Christ as our personal source of light?

How is my life different from those who are non-believers or those who once practiced the faith but do no longer?

Is there a dark place in my life, in my heart, in my mind, in my experience, where Jesus Christ might come and shed His light?

Does the Gospel (Good News) open my eyes and enlighten my mind?

Have a happy Lent.

Have a great Great Fast. 



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