With years of leftist hate-mongering and the insistence of Democratic leaders that any who disagree with them be slandered, denigrated and ostracized, it is no wonder that their hate speech and their support of those who use vitriol, vulgarity, vituperation and violence would bear fruit in the lethal targeting of any official who dared to question, much less disagree with their perverted agenda. Any who dare to oppose the imposition of their Auschwitz Agenda on our posterity is to be condemned. 

The shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and four others by a leftist supporter of abortion rights is evidence that the hate-speech on the part of the so-called "Resistance" has led to live-fire against their conservative and pro-life opponents.

Just as the Nazi SS at Auschwitz insisted that Jews be consigned to either death in the gas chambers or to oppressive slave labor, Democrat leaders insist that, contrary to the Constitutional mandate that we secure the blessings of liberty for our posterity, we must consign our posterity to either the barbaric butchery of abortion or to the oppressive debt slavery, which will be required to service and to pay off tens of trillions of dollars in debt and in unfunded mandates. Sadly, fully aware of the reality of this agenda, a number of prominent Church leaders continue to praise and give high honors to Democrats, who seek to perpetuate this dimension of the New  World Order and its Culture of Desecration and Death.  As the population control advocates like to say, “Killing babies in the womb gives us all more elbow room.”

In addition, a number of bishops insist that “Gospel Principles” and “pastoral discretion” require that priests passively allow their pro-actively pro-abortion parishioners to divorce their consciences from accountability to moral truths proclaimed by the Church and, furthermore, to desecrate the Eucharistic Christ by using the Communion Rite of the Mass to assert that Jesus wills to give a smiling “thumbs up” to their efforts to ensure the continuing barbaric butchering of pre-born babies in the womb.

Personally, it seems that some would like to make Judas the “patron saint” of ”contemporary” priests in the Western world. After all, it was not only possible to betray Christ for thirty pieces of silver in the Garden of Gethsemane. He can also be betrayed during Holy Communion, as the successors of the Apostles are paid glowing worldly accolades for their “tolerance” and “compassion” toward the arrogant disobedience of those promoting the "ongoing” evolution of Church teaching and discipline.

Ironically, such a disintegration of liturgical and canonical disciplines indicates that the Mass can indeed be, in more ways than we realize, the real re-presentation of the Passion of Christ, including His betrayal, as some of our contemporary chief priests insist that the demands of political expediency require the renunciation of righteous integrity and the mutilation and desecration of Truth (John 12:49-50). They choose to ignore the fact that the Truth of God can only set us free when we are willing to be held accountable to that Truth through sincere repentance and the reverent obedience of faith.

I am afraid, though, that, at this stage, the only way God’s mercy can deliver us from evil is through some major multidimensional chastisements. Only when we are driven to our knees, will we come to our senses. But there is hope, since these multiple chastisements will only bring about transitory sufferings, and thus give us all a final chance to avoid the unending torments of eternal damnation.

Pray for conversion!



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