UN mission in Afghanistan condemns assassination of peace council member

world | May 14, 2012 | By UN News

The United Nations mission in Afghanistan has condemned today's assassination of Maulawi Arsala Rahmani, a senior member of the country's High Peace Council, and stated its continued commitment to supporting the locally-led peace and reconciliation process.

The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) sent its condolences to Mr. Rahmani's family, noting that he had worked hard to promote peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan since his appointment as a Senator in 2005.

“UNAMA strongly believes that such an attack will not affect the courage and dedication of the High Peace Council members and others to continue their efforts to make peaceful reconciliation process a reality,” the mission said in a press release.

According to media reports, unidentified assailants gunned down Mr. Rahmani in his car as he was being driven to work in the western area of the capital, Kabul.

His killing follows last year's assassination of former president Burhanuddin Rabbani, who was then serving as Chairman of the High Peace Council in Afghanistan.

Mr. Rabbani was killed by a suicide bomber at his home in Kabul last September as he met with members of the Taliban as part of his efforts to spearhead peace and reconciliation in the country.



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Source: UN News

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