Increased security following murders of Israelis by Palestinians

politics | Oct 05, 2015 | By Martin Barillas

For the next two days, Israel will admit to the Old City sector of Jerusalem only Israeli citizens, tourists, and Palestinians who reside, study or have businesses in the area. No Muslim men under the age of 50 will be allowed into the Temple Mount area, even while women may do so without limitations. This followed a meeting of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with his cabinet on October 4. A series of measures was announced that are intended to quell the disturbances that have rocked Jerusalem and the West Bank area on the evening of October 3 and elsewhere over the last week.
An emergency meeting of the cabinet will take place on October 5.
Netanyahu instructed Israeli security forces to take a series of additional steps against Palestinian agitators and terrorists. The measures will include the “the demolition of terrorists’ homes, extended the administrative arrests of assailants, and limiting access to the Temple Mount and the Old City of Jerusalem,” said a statement.
In a statement released by Israeli police authorities, “the decision was taken in view of the security situation at the place and the serious incident that took place last night, and after a series of meetings between the political leadership with the police and other security apparatus.” Police are calling the measures "drastic."
Tensions are high in Israel. On the evening of October 3, a Palestinian man attacked and murdered two Israeli Jews, and also injured a woman and her baby. Last week, in a similar attack, an Israeli Jewish married couple was murdered before the eyes of their four children, who included an 8-month-old baby. This was in addition to two weeks of confrontations between rioters and Israeli security forces that have resulted in multiple injuries and detentions. On October 5, a Palestinian male protester was reportedly killed by Israeli forces.



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