Responding to criticisms about a supposed dearth of Hollywood A-list celebrities and others, President-elect Donald Trump said in Fox News interview today, “'I Don't Want Celebs at Inauguration, I Want the People.” Trump was interviewed by Fox News reporter Ainsley Earhardt, who asked what is the first thing he wants to do upon being inaugurated. 
Trump answered, “I want to work.” 
Regarding the 50 Congressional Democrats, including Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, who have announced their intention to sit out Inauguration Day, Trump said, "He (Lewis) got caught in a very bad lie, so let's see what happens. As far as other people not going, that's OK because we need seats so badly."
Trump swiped at Lewis -- a member of the Democratic Progressive and Black caucuses -- for “conveniently” not remembering that he also skipped George W. Bush‘s inauguration. Trump said, “He got caught… It’s making him look bad, frankly.” He thanked President Obama and the First Lady for being "gracious" about the transition. 
Trump did not appear to be concerned about the Democrats failing to show on Inauguration Day. Saying that he expects a "tremendous" turnout at inauguration balls, Trump said, “We need seats so badly. I hope they give me their tickets.”
As for celebrities, Trump said "Many of the celebrities that said they are not going...they were never invited" The celebrities included clothing designer Tom Ford. He added, "I don't want the celebrities there. I want the people there."
He verified that he will continue to go to Twitter to communicate with fellow citizens. Trump said it is the only means of counteracting the "dishonest press."
"I don't like tweeting. I have other things I could be doing," Trump said. "But I get very dishonest media."
As for his various campaign promises, Trump reaffirmed that he would “build that wall” and halt illegal aliens crossing the U.S./Mexico border. As for repealing the Affordable Care Act a.k.a. Obamacare, he said, "Nobody is going to be dying on the streets with a President Trump. We want to take care of everybody."



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