Dinesh D'Souza: Democrats destroy Southern monuments to hide their complicity in slavery and racism

science | Aug 15, 2017 | By Martin Barillas

Speaking to show hosts Steve Doocy and Abby Huntsman of “Fox & Friends,” author and film director Dinesh D'Souza claimed that “ethnic nationalism is a left-wing idea.” According to D’Souza, whose parents came as immigrants from India, Democrats “encourage black nationalism and Hispanic nationalism, Asian nationalism. But somehow the white guy is not welcome at the multicultural picnic.” Speaking rhetorically, he asserted that when white nationalists “show up at the multicultural picnic, they're Satan." The effort to wipe away Confederate monuments in the South, he said, is nothing less than an effort by the Democratic Party to mask its role in slavery, racism, and ethnic politics.

Fox News host Steve Doocy said of the weekend incident that mainstream media has been quick to blame "right-wing rhetoric for Saturday's hate-filled attacks in the state of Virginia."  

Referring to President Trump’s initiatives on legal immigration and the incidents on Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, where white supremacists faced off with leftist and Antifa counter protesters, D’Souza spoke to the narrative that is emerging among establishment media outlets that the violence is the direct result of Trump’s “hateful rhetoric, racist rhetoric.” He said: “And Trump is accused of being like Hitler, making kind of a racist attack on immigrants. Now, the key point is that for Trump, the distinction is between legal immigrants and illegals, and this is not a racial distinction at all,” said D’Souza.

D'Souza pointed out that most legal immigrants to the US today are nonwhite and “come from Asia, they come from Africa, from South America.” 

“Trump has never said, not even implied, that he wants to see legal immigration be more white. He wants to see more people, for example, come from England and Australia and fewer come, let's say for example, from India. Trump has never said that,” said D’Souza. He also refuted the notion that Trump is in anyway comparable to Adolf Hitler and Germany’s National Socialist extermination program. “Hitler wasn't even talking about immigrants. The Jews in Germany were German citizens. And so for Hitler, the distinction was inside of Germany between what he considered to be the superior Nordics and the sort of inferior Jews. And so there's simply no valid analogy here between Trump and Hitler on this racial point at all.”

Ethnic nationalism is leftist

When Hegseth asked for his take on claims that Trump’s “Americanism” is actually “white nationalism,”  D’Souza said that Trump is arguing for American nationalism and not white nationalism. He explained that “ethnic nationalism is a left-wing idea. The Democratic Party invented white nationalism and the Democratic Party invented black nationalism. Now interestingly today, the way that the progressive Democrats have constructed their sort of multicultural totem pole, they encourage every form of ethnic nationalism except white nationalism. And so they encourage black nationalism and Hispanic nationalism, Asian nationalism. But somehow the white guy is not welcome at the multicultural picnic.”

He went on to say that white nationalists belong in the Democratic Party but are now “politically homeless.” Expanding on the Democratic Party’s focus on ethnic nationalism and the reaction by white nationalist, D’Souza said: “This I think actually explains why these white nationalists, who really belong in the Democratic Party, are in a sense politically homeless because if they show up at the multicultural picnic, they're Satan.”

Historically illiterate leftists

To World Net Daily, D’Souza said that the disastrous conflict between white nationalists and leftists in Charlottesville is the fault of national media and officials in Virginia. Noting that the clash was ostensibly about the proposed removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, D’Souza said that the “historically illiterate left” ignores the fact that Lee opposed both secession and slavery. He alleged that the media and Democrats are seeking to blame slavery and racism on the blameless.

“To me there’s a bigger story here – the left’s attempt to blame slavery entirely on the American South,” D’Souza said. “This is a big lie, because number one, most Southerners did not own slaves, nor did most Confederate soldiers. Number two, the Northern Democrats in the preceding 40 years before the Civil War aggressively protected slavery. And they worked in cahoots with Southern Democrats.”  He added that the war over slavery was not between the North and South, but between a “pro-slavery Democratic Party and the anti-slavery Republicans.” The effort to remove Confederate memorials all over the South, the author contended, “is an attempt to cunningly conceal the Democrats’ historic role in protecting slavery as an institution.”





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