Alec Baldwin once again appeared on Saturday Night Live with his mocking impression of President-elect Donald Trump, while SNL regular Kate McKinnon reprised her role as Trump's advisor, Kellyanne Conway. 
The pair joked about a mis-spelled statement Trump posted on Twitter, in which Trump commented on China's seizure of a U.S. Navy underwater drone. He originally wrote that the seizure was an "unpresidented act" but later corrected the error.
The SNL stars also ridiculed Trump's alleged difficulty in finding entertainers to perform at the coming inauguration, even though there are rumors that Italian singer Andrea Bocelli and pop singer Taylor Swift are due to appear. "Melania Trump" appeared to remind Baldwin as Trump that Christmas is coming. It was then that Beck Bennet as “Vladimir Putin” came down the chimney.  Bennet as Putin offers a Christmas “Elf on the Shelf” gift -- a reference to a CIA report that Russia interfered in the presidential election. When Baldwin-as-Trump apologizes for not having a gift for him, Bennett-as-Putin said, "Please, Mr. Trump, you are the gift.”
Actor John Goodman appeared as Rex Tillerson -- the oil exec who Trump has chosen for Secretary of State. The real Tillerson has had dealings with the real Putin and received a prestigious award from the Russian leader. In the skit, Goodman as Tillerson dances with Bennett’s character before getting down to business. Meanwhile, Baldwin-as-Trump talked about his meeting last week with rapper Kanye West.



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