Each day government is stripping Americans of their rights to private property.
Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.
Nearly 60 years ago, William and Dorothy Murr bought an acre of land along Wisconsin’s St. Croix River. They built a cabin on it.  It became a family gathering point each summer.
A few years later they purchased the adjacent lot as an investment to either sell or develop. The Murrs have passed away.  But their children continue the tradition of summer gatherings.
In 2004, the Murrs’ children attempted to sell their second lot to fund repairs to the cabin. But local authorities blocked the sale claiming the two contiguous lots were now one single-property.  Sell the whole thing or nothing at all.  According to an appraiser, the Murr’s property value has plummeted.
Here’s the hypocrisy. St. Croix County still taxes the property as two separate lots. The Murrs claim this is unconstitutional taking. The county government has deprived them of using or selling their property as they see fit. Next week, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide the matter. Pacific Legal Foundation is representing the Murrs.



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