Evelyn Garcia, a Democrat who is running for a seat in the Florida state legislature, resigned her seat on the Democratic National Committee over the June 30-July 1 weekend, following revelations of her apparent deep disdain for the state of Israel in emails. Garcia has since apologized. She had held her position at the DNC since 2008.

Explaining her rationale for her anti-Israel remarks, Garcia wrote "In passionately advocating my position supporting the rights of people I felt were being harmed, I used language that I now regret.” In a released statement, she said “The gist of the conversation had to do with my concern for innocent people being oppressed, but such support for the oppressed does not diminish my support for the good people of Israel.”
Even so, Garcia continues campaigning for a seat in the Florida House of Representatives. Her district includes a part of Palm Beach, which is home to a large percentage of Jewish voters. Garcia is one of four remaining candidates.

First released by BizPacReview, Garcia's emails raised eyebrows for their invective. Garcia wrote in one email, “by supporting Israeli occupation with US foreign aid, we are all complicit and guilty of their crimes against humanity.” Continuing, the outspoken politician wrote “Palestinians had nothing to do with the Holocaust and it’s about time this guilt trip was taken off their backs.” The emails date back to 2011 and were well known to local Democrats and activists at that time.

Garcia also wrote that she, “deeply resent[s] U.S. taxpayer funds being used to continue Israeli aggression (yes, confiscating other peoples' land and building illegal settlements is aggression), not to mention ‘incursions’ that kill PEOPLE, destroy civilian homes and infrastructure all over, mass concentration prison camps, etc, etc, etc.”

To the contrary of Garcia's assertions, Jews were persecuted during the Holocaust in the land that after the Second World War would see the establishment of modern Israel. Author Edwin Black, in his book The Farhud, documents the alliance of Grand Mufti Amin Al-Husseini with Adolf Hitler. The Grand Mufti was the religious leader of the Muslims in Palestine. Seeing a chance to exterminate Jews and wipe out the British presence, while securing access to precious petroleum for the Third Reich, the Muslim leader and his followers were essential in the murder and harassment of Jews and sympathetic Arabs. The Grand Mufti not only rallied Arabs to join Hitler's Waffen SS who, while in Yugoslavia were the overseers of one of the worst concentration camps of the war, but he was key to the violent dispossession and murder of Jews in nearby Iraq in 1941.

Garcia has long been an ally of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the outspoken congresswoman and head of the DNC. Garcia, notes her campaign website, is one of eight children of a Haitian couple. She has a background in real estate and volunteering.




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