A downturn in construction is causing tensions in China. Hitting its peak about a decade ago, the building trades and construction companies have seen a drop of about two-thirds. The building industry constitutes about one quarter of China’s economy.

A video recorded scenes in Hebei, a province in northern China that lies near North Korea. It was there that workers from rival construction companies engaged in a slow-motion battle royal worthy of one of the “Transformer” movies. The hefty showdown of several payloaders happened on April 16 in Xinjiang County. About six payloaders can be seen smashing into each other in broad daylight on a busy street.

According to media reports, the battle was over a business dispute when two sides became violent over a construction contract. An amateur video shows the steely beasts going at each other like maddened wrestlers in a ring.

Onlookers and passing motorists sought cover as the behemoths fought for supremacy. Eventually, two of them were overturned. A man dressed in yellow is seen leaping from one of the overturned payloaders who then seems to be appealing to another driver to stop fighting. 

The battle continued until police arrived to quell the anger. No injuries were reported.





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