Officials in Belgium said that they have “reason to believe” that a stabbing attack on two police officers may be “terror-related.” The officers were stabbed by an as yet unidentified male subject in a busy thoroughfare in Schaerbeek, a town outside of Brussels that has been dubbed a “hotbed of jihadism.” The assailant stabbed one officer in the neck and another in the abdomen. Neither were seriously injured. Authorities said that the suspect broke the nose of one of the officers.
When the perpetrator fled, he was shot in the leg by another police patrol officer and arrested. According to a spokesman for the federal prosecutor’s office, Eric Van Der Sypt, authorities “we have reason to believe it is terror-related.”  
After the terrorist attacks of March 22 at the international airport in Brussels and on the metro rail, 
Schaerbeek has become synonymous with terrorism. It was at a dilapidated 1960s apartment in the neighbourhood that three jihadi terrorists made their bombs prior to the deadly attacks that killed dozens. In addition, suspects in the coordinated jihadi attacks in Paris of November 2015 were also based in Schaerbeek. 
In addition to the stabbing attack today, Brussels was rocked by a bomb scare. Commuters were evacuated from the Brussels Nord Train Station while experts searched for explosive devices. After police searched the station, they found nothing suspcious. The station re-opened at 3 p.m. local time. Spokesman Frederic Sacre said, “A message of an alleged bomb threat was sent to the police, all the people were evacuated from the station, the trains stopped.” The scare comes just two days after bomb experts investigated a suspect package found in a car parked outside the train station. 
Belgium continues to be on high alert ever since the coordinated suicide bombings at Brussels airport and the Maalbeek metro train station. Thirty-five people died in the deadliest terror attack in Belgium’s history since the Second World War. Today’s incident came as representatives from 70 countries and 25 international organizations are in Brussels to confer on the situation in Afghanistan. Among those attending are Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon .
Random stabbing attacks committed by Muslims has gained currency in not only Europe, but also Israel and the United States. A Muslim man stabbed three persons in Minnesota last month while referencing Allah, while there have been a string of such attacks committed by Muslims in Israel.



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