While hardcore sanctuary jurisdictions continue to risk millions in federal dollars and the safety of citizens by refusing to honor Immigration and Customs Enforcment (ICE) detainer requests, a growing number of states are taking decisive action to do away with local sanctuary policies. At least nine states have legislation in the pipeline outlawing sanctuary policies anywhere in those states and threatening local jurisdictions that maintain them with the loss of state funding.
These new or pending state anti-sanctuary policies take on additional importance because, under the Trump administration, ICE isn't just claiming to prioritize the removal of criminal aliens; they're actually doing it. In many cases, the Obama administration avoided confrontations with sanctuary jurisdictions by not even issuing detainer requests that they knew would likely be ignored.
The Trump administration has indicated that it will issue detainer requests regardless of local sanctuary policies, and is prepared to penalize jurisdictions that do not honor them. It seems that in many parts of the country, local officials are more than happy to say "Yes!" when ICE asks. Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin all have bills before their legislatures prohibiting policies that obstruct immigration enforcement. Mississippi's bill has already been approved by both houses of the legislature and Gov. Phil Bryan has pledged to sign it into law.
Daniel Stein is the president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.


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