In Uganda, approximately 90 Muslim marauders assaulted a church in the eastern part of the country where they attacked the men of the congregation, beat them and tied them up. The Muslim men proceeded to rape 15 Christian women in the church. In addition, the terrorists seriously damaged the worship space and abducted Pastor Moses Mutasa.
Reportedly, the attack was in revenge for the efforts of the pastor of the church in Katira for seeking to convert Muslims to the Christian faith. In a recent attack, some 90 Muslims stormed a Christian church in eastern Uganda, beating and tying up the men present before raping 15 of the Christian women.
The assault was reportedly a “revenge attack” against the pastor of the Katira church for allegedly converting Muslims to Christianity. A member of the congregation who managed to escape said that one of the terrorists cried “Away with the pastor who is converting Muslims to Christianity.” The terrorists left behind propaganda that accused Pastor Mutasa of converting Muslims, besides threatening more attacks.
The attack occurred on January 15. Pastor Mutasa is still missing, as are eight Christians who were also abducted. There are fears that they are dead. “We do not know what has happened to our pastor, Moses Mutasa. He might have been killed or has been kept hostage,” said the Rev. Musa Mukenye, a church official.
At the time of the unforeseen attack at the church, there were 50 men and 30 women assembled for prayer. After locking the doors of the church, the Muslims then bludgeoned the men and raped the women. They were later treated at a clinic in Katira. When members of the congregation sought safety by going outdoors, Muslims waited for them to beat and rape them. A church elder testified that clothing of the violated women was found strewn inside and outside the church.
Police took two hours to respond.
In recent times, Muslims have harassed the congregation of 500 by casting stones on the roof of their church in order to disrupt church services.”This act is evil,” said Pastor Mukenye, who called on his people to refrain from violence, “and police should not relent until the attackers are arrested and charged in a court of law.” 
Uganda has a Muslim majority in the eastern region of the country. Country-wide, Christians constitute 85% of the population, while Muslims account for 11%. Katira is nestled within a majority-Muslim area where persecution of Christians has spiked. Uganda was once ruled under the iron hand of Idi Amin: a Muslim dictator who was eventually ousted. He ended his days in Saudi Arabia.



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