Fox News host Tucker Carlson asserted on his program that leftists seek to depose President Donald Trump by any means necessary. "The modern left is no longer an ideological movement. Instead it's an organized movement around identity politics," Carlson said on Thursday night. He warns that American democracy is in danger if citizens are divided into "sub-groups" by "tribalism." 
Carlson said that progressives do not seek to argue reasonably but instead seek victory for their "team." As evidenced by recent protests and riots, some progressives are willing to resort to violence. "Violence is what separates politics from war," Carlson asserted. "It's when hurt feelings become dead bodies, the point at which countries become ungovernable."
Moreover, Carlson said that progressives on his show have refused to categorically condemn the use of violence. Carlson said that "we are in danger" as long as attitude is extant



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