The most important man in America for the cause of justice for victims of eugenics is fighting for his life. North Carolina State Rep. Larry Womble, in critical condition, has entered an hours- long surgery to save him following a mangling head-on car crash in Winston-Salem, the district he represents. The passionate 70-year-old nine-term Democrat was driving home Friday night at about 11 PM when his car collided with a vehicle driven by David Allen Carmichael, 54, of Winston-Salem. Carmichael died at the scene, according to authorities.

Womble was rushed to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center with massive injuries to his head and hip. He had lost a lot of blood. Once stable, a team of surgeons moved in to begin the long task of bring Womble back from the brink.

Womble achieved national and international recognition for his efforts to bring state compensation to victims of North Carolina’s decades-long campaign of eugenics. The fake science financed by the nation’s leading philanthropic organizations, and buttressed by fraudulent academic validation, ignited a campaign of forced surgical sterilization of the so-called “unfit.” After World War II, when the Hitler regime emulated America’s practices, eugenics receded from the American scene.

But in North Carolina, as a tool of racism and population control, the practice thrived. Womble has tirelessly led a decade of efforts to achieve recognition and compensation for the survivors. He was on the verge of a breakthrough with state legislators when he was stopped by a highway accident.

Governor Bev Perdue and her husband released a statement: “Bob and I send our thoughts and prayers to Larry Womble and his family, as we pray for his recovery and for strength and comfort for his family, as well as for the family of Mr. Carmichael.”

House Speaker Thom Tillis, a Mecklenburg County Republican, released this statement: “My thoughts and prayers are with Rep. Womble and his family following this tragic accident. I am closely monitoring the situation, and will continue to do so. I know I speak for the other members of the General Assembly in saying that we will support Rep. Womble and his family in any way possible.” House Minority Leader Joe Hackney issued a similar statement: “I have spoken this morning with those who are with Rep. Womble at the hospital and remain in contact with them. All of us are thinking of him today and hoping he recovers quickly.”

Rep. Deborah Ross (D-Wake) said she was hopeful that Womble's gentle fighting spirit would pull him through.

At press time, a collection of family, state colleagues, community admirers, and supporters has assembled at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. They are praying and hoping for his recovery. Womble, known everywhere as a strong, determined and selfless battler for justice is at this moment battling to get back into the fight.




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