When Shafak Abbas, a Muslim man, was questioned by police in East London this April he admitted that he did not have insurance for his gold Mercedes car. Police decided to search his vehicle when the found that he was acting suspiciously. Upon conducting a search, police found a banned BB pistol in a footwell of the vehicle. In the trunk, they found a 26-year-old woman sobbing. 

Abbas was arrested by London police and then jailed. When questioned, Abbas admitted that he was not insured. However, he also admitted that the woman was known to him. Body-camera footage showed the discovery of a BB gun in the car.

Abbas was later charged with kidnapping, driving while disqualified, and possession of a firearm. In court, however, Abbas denied the kidnapping despite video evidence. For his crimes, Abbas was given a 15-month prison sentence on September 28 after a four-day trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Abbas is a resident of Bethnal Green, east London. Prior to the incident, he had already been disqualified from driving for two years by Brighton Magistrates’ Court in June 2016. He has further been disqualified from driving until June 2021.

Detective Constable Chris Bailey, who investigated the crime, said: "Body-worn video evidence has greatly assisted us in securing this conviction. We will not tolerate violence and will do everything in our power to secure a prosecution and to ensure that justice is done."

Bethnal Green is a district in central London. Approximately 50 percent of the 27,000+ residents are Muslims, mostly of Bangladeshi ancestry. It is home to several mosques.



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